TRABES is a registered trademark property of TRABES srl. The company was founded with the name of MG srl in 1985 by Maurizio Amadori and is devoted to the production of Aluminium Trusses and Flight Cases.

TRABES philosophy is based on the quality and on the reliability of its products. The company’s technicians choose the best materials in the most sharp-sighted way. In the same way they focus their attention on details and products finishing. Tests and quality controls are rigorous.

This is the spirit of their constant improvement which aims at competitiveness and high quality. All these elements led them to the development of the new catalogue of ALUMINIUM TRUSSES TRABES, which is the result of decades spent working on the entertainment market, side by side with customers from whom they have learnt how to always provide the right solutions. Services organizers, people who set up theatres and concerts, installers, occasional users, all these categories can find with TRABES the solution to their needs. TRABES sales and technical offices are at your disposal for any doubt or request. Even though this catalogue is technically helpful, TRABES solutions go further more. The research & development department, with skilled technicians, analyses any kind of project. There is also a specialized laboratory, where their skilled staff manufactures aluminium structures in unusual forms and dimensions. It has never been easier to manufacture CUSTOM STRUCTURES, built on the basis of your requests. On the other side, if you are a freelance and work with large, heavy structures, the new HEAVY DUTY and PROFESSIONAL series are the solutions you need.

In addition to its wide range of aluminium trusses, TRABES catalogue also provides you with the very useful ROOF SYSTEMS. They guarantee the success of outdoor events by protecting them from averse atmospheric conditions. You can also count on our LIFTS, inclined rigging towers for loudspeakers and line array systems. These products are very easy to assemble, but also very strong at the same time.

For more information on their products, please visit Trabes.

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