Teclumen started in 1978 as a projector assembling company, afterwards the company focused his activities on the commercialization of the most famous national and international brands.

In the course of time, the experience in the lighting sector encourages the company to create its own trademark and to offer theatre fixtures, Made in Italy, branded Teclumen. In 2003 Teclumen inaugurates his new directional and productive headquarters : offices for design, product assembling, sales and for after sales services are reunited in one structure.

The effectiveness of production and sales has allowed the company to become a very important player in the international lighting sector : nowadays Teclumen exports all over the world. Today the company has its own production and is able to meet the requests of many fields : the wide range of products includes: theatre lighting, lights and equipment for stages and shows, architectural lighting, exhibition lighting and lights to create scenographies in swimming pools and foutains.

Teclumen selects and works with components of reliable partners, world-wide leaders (such as Philips, Lumileds, etc..). The final assembling is taking place entirely into the company itself, which allows to reach a high quality level. Thanks to his organization and teamwork, Teclumen is in the position to develop products that satisfy the demands of the market, always taking care of quality in the first place. The realisation of a product starts with a design-study to proceed afterwards with the optics, mechanics and electronics by using the best design technologies (CAD, CAM).

Teclumen offers a vast range of services: advice before sales: assistance, suggestions and all the necessary documentation in order to help the customer to choose the right product and to satisfy his needs. after sales service: technical support for the correct installation and correct use of the products, quick reparations or eventual substitutions, if necessary.

The main phases of the production and manufacturing process take place into the company, in order to guarantee high quality products. The production is fast and flexible thanks to high tech tools and machinery (laser cut, bending, welding machines, etc.). Teclumen has a well structured and functional warehouse with a wide stock of products. This organization allows quick deliveries all over the world.

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