ShowLED was founded in 1999 as a result of an increasing international demand for easy to use and ready made starcloths. The starcloths that where used back in those days were heavy fibre optic curtains, pea bulb curtains or perforated Molton curtains with a light source behind them to create a star effect look.

Their first product was the ShowLED Classic curtain. This system provided a solid solution countering the demand for professional and flexible ready made starcloths. In the years that followed the success of the Classic LED backdrops increased gradually. ShowLED sold Classic starcloths all over the world and a worldwide distributor network was established.

A lot of customers were looking  for the possibility of integrating RGB LEDs into our backdrops. From this demand the Chameleon system originated in 2005. This colour changing system really opened new markets to ShowLED starcloths. Designers recognized the infinite options in this colour changing backdrop that adds an extra dimension to set design.

Later, as the technology improved,  ShowLED invented the Animation system. The RGB LEDs could now be controlled individually. This product  broadened the spectrum of  potential ShowLED users. The traditional theatres, tv studios,  and rental/production companies were expanded to night clubs, event organisers, festivals and others excited about the product capabilities.

Research and devlopment continues in Belgium to implement product improvements and ensure a superior and innovative system.

As of September 1, 2011, ShowLED operations will be based at a larger facility in the Sharjah International Airport Free Zone in the UAE  in order to deal with the continuous growth in stock levels , to reinforce research and development and to launch product advancements even faster. This modern international business hub, renowned for its excellent sea, land, and air transport links, reflects the cornerstones of both ShowLED’s and Sharjah’s industrial policy: speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. 

For more information on their products, please visit ShowLED.

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