P20 Adhesive Transparent LED Display

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The major advantage of our Adhesive Transparent LED Display is being light weight, thin, high permeation ratio and easy to install. Our adhesive Transparent LED Display product series adopts our self-developed bare die chip driver IC and light emitting chip that uses micron-grade light source. We install those components on PCB or FPC board which has high transparency rate. Through specially designed solid glue, the whole display unit is integrated into an optical light emitting lens base board, with a minimum thickness of 1mm-3mm.


P5 series: transparent rate is about 68%
P10 series: transparent rate is about 68%
P20 series: transparent rate is about 63%


- Super Thin and light 
Thickness: 1~3mm, Weight: 1~3.5kg/m²

- High Transparency
The highest transparency can reach 86%, without blocking daylight. 

- Stealth Appearance 
Light emitting chip uses the micron-grade light source, protected by transparent, high temperature resistant and anti-static waterproof membrane. LED lights and driver IC is invisible from the appearance. Besides, no body structure and mask were installed.

- Without the limit of size
According to the size of the glass, it can be cut into the required length.

- Resistance to Collision and break
Adopting FPC as circuit board, the interior components can avoid being smashed into pieces. It can bear 2kg/m².

- Bendable
Flexible and can fit in any curved glass and wall.

- Easy installation
All you have to do is to stick module onto the glass or wall and then connect the signal and power.

- Strong Head Dissipation
Due to the bare wafer splicing screen used the BGA wafer for the light source, photoelectric conversion heat can be instantly distributed. It reduces the failure rate, maintenance cost and lengthen the life span. 

- Wider View
The overall horizon is 160-170°. There is no dead angle and unbiased colour when we are watching. These images are always seamless. 

- Saving cost 
Do not need steel structure, do not need to change the appearance of the building, effectively reducing the transportation and installation costs.


Product detail parameter

Product Model  P6.5 P10 P20
Normal Single Module Size (mm) 481x208  480x320 480x320 
Normal Minimum Unit Size (mm) 480x24  480x40 480x80
Pixels Per Square Meter 23670  10000  2500
Unit Resolution 74x32  48x32 24x16
Transparency ≤ 50%  ≤ 68%  ≤ 83% 
Film Weight (Kg/m²) 3.5  3.5  3.5 
Thickness (mm) ≤ 3  ≤ 3  ≤ 3 
Pixel Pitch (mm) 6.5x6.5   10x10 20x20 
White Balance Brightness (cd/m²) ≤ 5000  ≤ 5000  ≤ 4500 
Chroma Uniformity ± 0.003 ± 0.003 ± 0.003
Brightness Uniformity ≥ 97% ≥ 97% ≥ 97%
Correlated Color Temperature (K) 2000~15000  2000~15000  2000~15000 
Viewing Angle (°) 160  160  160 
Pixel Composition 1R1G1B  1R1G1B  1R1G1B 
Refresh Rate (Hz) ≥ 1920 ≥ 1920 ≥ 1920
Supply Voltage (V) 3.8-5  3.8-5  3.8-5 
Avg. Power Cons. (w/m²) ≤ 320 ≤ 230 ≤ 210
Max. Power Cons. (w/m²) ≤ 950 ≤ 700 ≤ 650
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -20°C-55°C  -20°C-55°C  -20°C-55°C
Storage Temperature Range (°C) -25°C-90°C  -25°C-90°C -25°C-90°C 
Operating Humidity Range (RH) 10%-90%  10%-90%  10%-90% 
Storage Humidity Range (RH) 20%-65%  20%-65%  20%-65% 
Driving Mode Static Scanning   Static Scanning Static Scanning 
DSP  Novastar  Novastar Novastar


Category Product Model Transparency Applicable Area (m2) Sight Distance (m)
Small Pixel Pitch P6.5 series 50% ≥ 10 ≥ 6
Large Pixel Pitch P10 series 68% ≥ 30 ≥ 15
P20 series 83% ≥ 100 ≥ 20

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