Eurolite offers over 2000 products within the show technology world-wide. The spectrum ranges from simple beam effects, mirror spheres, fog machines, professional parking lots, rechargeable battery lamps, theater headlamps to exclusive LED displays, moving heads and matrix effects. Therefore the range is interesting for professionals as well as beginners and semiprofessional users.Since 1991, Eurolite has been present on the market. From the beginning, the focus was on being at the pulse of time. This applies to proprietary developments such as the invention of the mirror ball motor: a patent filed by Eurolite for securing an axle (No. 101 17 639), which serves as a model for almost all manufacturers today.

The pioneer was Eurolite, for example, with its KLS series. In the case of the compact light sets, the usual parking lots were replaced for the first time. The solution: flat LED spots.

As one of the first brands in the industry, Eurolite entered into a cooperation with TÜV in 1998. In the meantime, the cooperation with TÜV and other audit institutes is being carried out. A proof that safety is a vital component of brand philosophy.

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