ELC Lighting is based in The Netherlands and has been developing lighting systems since 1994. Its development team comprises practitioners who are designing network products with the benefit of practical hands-on experience in the field.

The ELC development team is still closely involved ‘hands-on’ with live events, and all ELC products are developed from that experience and the needs of their loyal clients, and tested ‘in the field’. This extensive experience base provides the confidence our clients have that we understand their needs, and can solve the many issues encountered daily with network wiring, checking, mixing, merging, patching and splitting - in fact, most everything about the DMX command protocol for the entertainment and commercial lighting environment.ELC is well known throughout the world for its comprehensive range of high capacity Ethernet switches, DMX/RDM connectivity products, focus remote controls, DMX recorders and sequencers used anywhere from small halls to arena-scale venues for lighting data networks and LED display walls. Since 2011, ELC expanded into the digital intercom business with a new range of products under the brand name ‘Green-GO’.

ELC is proud of its dedicated and enthusiastic distribution network covering more than 25 countries that span the globe. These distributors also act as an important and close contact with the markets, so that the product range constrantly reflects the growing needs of the professional entertainment lighting industry. ELC is present at all the major exhibitions and trade shows around the world and development staff are on hand to discuss any networking requirement and are always looking out for new ideas for future developments.ELC Lighting's product range is one of the most comprehensive and innovative collection of DMX solutions in the world, which includes DMX show recorders, signal distribution equipment and DMX to Ethernet converters.

All ELC products are designed and manufactured in our facility in Elsendorp in The Netherlands. A significant investment in surface-mounted PCB manufacture (SMD) ensures the high quality and reliability of all networking products, on which the reputation of ELC has been built. View our SMD system below:

Leading lighting company, ELC Lighting, has unveiled a brand new identity symbolised by a revitalised logo that reflects the key essence of its product range.

Leading lighting company ELC Lighting has announced its move into new headquarters in the Netherlands.

The new, improved offices, based in Gemert near Eindhoven, have been designed and planned by the company’s own R&D engineers and promise to be a space created with the comfort of the worker in mind.

For more information on their products, please visit ELC.


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