CITC consistently leads the industry, creating unique and exciting special effects equipment.  Headed up by entrepreneur, Gary Crawford, who was also a special effects coordinator for 25 years for the motionpicture industry, CITC continues to amaze even the most jaded of theatrical designers.  CITC’s “Cool Stuff That’s Show Tuff!” boasts many “firsts” in its theatrical history.

citcCITC was the first company ever to win an award at LDI for Best Atmospheric Effect for their biodegradable product, SnoBiz. They were the first U.S.A. company to create a theatrical snow machine that made evaporating snow, the Little Blizzard, and the first to make a quiet snow machine, the Quiet Cube. CITC made the first patented foam machine, the Super Foam Dome, and the first ever, award-winning haze machine, the AquaMax.  CITC is also credited for making the first confetti launcher that didn’t need CO2, the ShotMax.

Almost all products shown on this website are created in the U.S.A., however, CITC has recently expanded into being an exclusive distributor for other international manufacturers, assisting in the creation and improvement of new effects equipment. CITC is also the first company to offer "timed" SmartFog fluids.

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